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Tony formed his first band together with his brother Carlos, called "Speed ​​of Light." He and his brother then moved to Los Angeles in the band "Snow," who made a demo. Following the dissolution of the first Quiet Riot formation in 1979, Kevin DuBrow decided in 1981 to give light to his design, the DuBrow.


In that year Vocalist Kevin DuBrow met in Los Angeles, drummer Frankie Banali, guitarist Carlos Cavazo, and brother Tony at the bass. The band started to work on new material. Tony, together with DuBrow, Banali and brother Carlos, wrote the well-known Quiet Riot track, "Bang Your Head (Metal Health)" that will appear on the album's first album, "Metal Health" in 1983, which sprung huge success, revealing the best-known of the Los Angeles bands.

In 1985, Tony then joined Hurricane, with Robert Sarzo (guitar), Kelly Hansen (vocals) and Jay Schellen (drums). Hurricane went on to have hits such as "Over the Edge," “Heaven” and their Top 40 Billboard hit "I'm Onto You." Cavazo remained in the band until the breakup in 1991. 


In 2000 Hurricane was reformed, and now Cavazo is touring the world with the group. He is also playing with the countries #1 Aerosmith tribute band “Aeromyth.”

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