ChromaCast Microphone Stands

Pro Series Adjustable
Tripod Boom Mic Stand


The ChromaCast Tripod Mic Stand has a  durable metal construction and 24" wide tripod base. It's midpoint adjustable clutch is the pinnacle of simplicity and stability, which will make height and length modifications a breeze while leaving you with the confidence you deserve.




  • 24" Wide Tripod Base provides solid stability

  • Height Adjustable from 33"-59", Boom Adjustable 27"-48"

  • Collapses to 36" tall and 5" wide for easy transportation

  • Weighs only 3.85 lbs, Includes Microphone Holder

  • Microphone not included. 

  • Rugged and durable metal construction, Matte Black

Adjustable Straight Mic Stand
(B Grade, see specs below)


The best garage bands all start off in the early stages of young adulthood, before lead singers reach their full potential both vocal and height wise. To help build their talent and confidence you need to get them set up with the ChromaCast Adjustable Young Adult Microphone Stand. The height adjusts from 32" to 56", weighs 2 ½ lbs and is made from rugged, durable metal construction, so it will survive anything your budding musician can dish out.




  • Rugged and durable metal construction

  • 24" Wide Tripod Base provides solid stability

  • Height Adjustable from 41.5"-69"

  • Weighs only 2.5 lbs, Collapses to 41" tall and 3.5" wide for easy transportation

  • Includes Microphone Holder

  • 100% new B-Grade product due to cosmetic defect. Base & Base Pole is Flat black. Top pole is gloss black.

Adjustable Table/Bass Drum Mic Stands


These two Adjustable Small Microphone Stands are perfect for home recording or short height miking situations. The gooseneck shaft gives you the ability to position your microphone easily while the staight mic stand gives you a simple, compact way to mic your bass drum.  With it's sturdy base and included universal microphone holder, there's no better option for you!




  • Scratch resistant, powder coated black finish, solid die cast metal round base

  • 5 ¼” Base Width, 9” Minimum Height to 13” Maximum Height

  • Perfect for bass drum mics, podcasting, voice-overs or panel discussions

  • Non slip rubber bumpers on base protects table/Desk Tops

  • Includes Microphone Holder