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Joey Wester's artwork is always in demand. Looking at her recent output it’s easy to see why from high profile placements of her work in major Hollywood blockbuster films, to the highest rated television and cable shows, specials, corporate commissions and licenses. Joey has extensive work within the music industry communities, and did we mention she won a Grammy for her work on the Metallica ‘Metallic Attack’ Tribute Album?

Being an artist wasn't her only passion, for Joey also happens to be a brilliantly gifted drummer and percussionist. Wester easily could have continued on her bright road toward professional musical stardom, but her passion for her creativity would not be contained within one expression alone. So when a chance injury caused her to move full time into her artwork, that was the moment it all came together. And she has never looked back.

Joey's partnership with ChromaCast is a natural fit. Her background as a musician provides unique insight to what players are looking for when it comes to gear. Her creative and edgy designs appeal to musicians at all levels. Joey continues to develop new artwork for Chromacast. Stay tuned for her upcoming designs. 

Click Here to Visit Joey Wester Website!

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