ChromaCast Instrument Tuners

ChromaCast CC-440 Series Clip-On Chromatic Tuners precisely tunes guitars, basses, ukuleles and other stringed, woodwind and brass instruments. From outdoors to on-stage the easy-to-read LCD color changing back-lit display allows for smooth and accurate tuning in dim or well-lit environments. Display changes from Orange to Green to allow you to get in tune quickly. Features multi-angle positioning for easy viewing while tuning.  Available in: Surf Green (SGR), Daphne Blue (DBL), Sunset Orange (SOR) and Vanilla Cream (VC).

"LOVE IT. It has all the different settings for multiple instruments and the best part is that is goes off of the vibration of the guitar and not the sound. So I can be at noisy rehearsal or on stage in a loud club and still tune with no troubles. The picture of the screen this posting provides does it no justice; in real person, its actually really nice and no where near cheesy looking."


-Kathryn Lovelld (Verified Amazon Review)

Click Here for set up instructions for the ChromaCast CC-440 Tuner

ChromaCast Clip on Chromatic Tuner

The ChromaCast CC-1 Clip On Chromatic Tuner precisely tunes guitars, basses, ukuleles, and other stringed woodwind and brass instruments.



Click Here for set up instructions for the ChromaCast CC-1 Tuner